High-Performance Boards

Effective boards grow companies. These companies become more sustainable with less risk and better returns. Stronger companies support a stronger economy. Stronger economies can do more for their people.

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Understanding the role of a board of directors and how it can add value is the first step on the journey. Do you truly understand your role as a director? Do you understand why your private company or family business requires a high-performance board? Click here to discover more.


Educate Boards
and Directors


The selection of the right directors for the specific circumstances is critical to having a strong foundation for your board. Through understanding an individual’s commercial astuteness, to testing their natural energy and ensuring their governance knowledge, we make sure you appoint the right people. Do you have the right directors?


Source and Appoint Directors


The role of a board of directors is so often misunderstood in privately-held companies and family businesses. It is not a tick-box system. It is not just about compliance and law. It is, in reality, the most important performance enhancement tool you could ever embark upon using in your quest for business success. Curious?


Guide Great Boards


Any mountaineer on the journey to the summit requires specialist tools to support them. A board is no different. Sirdar Group utilises unique methodologies and tools in supporting high-performance boards. What tools are you missing from your board toolkit?


Specialist Support

While to an outsider it may seem obvious that a proverbial avalanche is about to strike a business, those intimately involved always seem to be the last ones to know. It simply takes them by surprise. This is why it is often the case in SMEs and privately-held companies that entrepreneurs destroy wealth faster than they create it – an avalanche of lost dreams, income, capital, opportunities and shareholder value. Despite this somewhat gloomy perspective, SMEs remain a critical part of the economy and could be more so if we ran our businesses using the methodologies, processes and practices that successful, prosperous and sustainable companies have perfected.

Traversing the Avalanche by Carl Bates, Chapter 15

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