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Sirdar is the leading educator, appointer and guide to high-performance boards of privately-held and family businesses.

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Are you aware of the value a board could be adding to your company? As a director have you honed your skills so that you can add the most value to the boards on which you serve? Boards are often incorrectly thought of firstly as a practice reserved for big businesses and corporates, and secondly as a group whose key role is to ensure compliance. In reality, a board of directors is a critical business tool for privately-held companies and family businesses. In so doing they improve performance, increase company value and deliver a return to shareholders and other stakeholders. So we drive awareness about boards and in-depth and practical education surrounding their importance and how they function.


Educate Boards
and Directors


Unless you have climbed the mountain before, it is extremely difficult to select the team to climb with you. There are many factors that you must consider in selecting directors, several of which you may not have even considered or have thought the opposite. At Sirdar Group we are consistently supporting businesses to select the directors to join their climb. We understand the critical elements that must be taken into consideration to build a truly high-performance board, in particular for privately-held and family businesses. Do you want support to source and appoint directors who will take your board and company to the next level?


Source and
Appoint Directors


Effective boards grow companies. They create value for shareholders and other stakeholders, as well as making companies more sustainable and successful. This is even more so in privately-held companies and family businesses. Why you may ask? Because these companies generally do not have to have a board of directors for compliance reasons. They choose to have them because they add value. To ensure they receive the tangible benefits of having a high-performance board in place, we guide them in the journey of implementation and ongoing support. Would you like your board to be guided to be a truly high-performance one today?


Guide Great Boards


Sirdar’s have specialist gear and equipment when climbing a great mountain. The higher the mountain, the more technical and specialist the gear becomes. It is often said that it is a mountaineer’s preparation of their gear at base camp, not during the climb, which enables them to reach the summit. In business it is no different. In order for you to grow and develop your board, and ultimately your company, we have selected tools critical to your journey. From understanding the natural energy of your directors to a book to support the implementation of a high-performance board, we have made it simple and easy to ‘gear-up’ for success. Do you currently have you got access to the right resources and tools?


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